What is the Difference between Sangoma PBXact and FreePBX Phone Systems?

Sangoma FreePBX vs PBXact IP PBX Appliances

The difference between Sangoma’s PBXact and FreePBX systems has been a common question ever since the introduction of Sangoma’s turnkey PBX Appliance lines.

The quick and short answer is that PBXact is Sangoma’s commercially supported version of the popular open source FreePBX distribution. PBXact is designed to be a turnkey solution: pre-bundled with popular modules, vigorously tested, and offered with cost effective maintenance plans.

Sangoma PBXact Appliances and Software


  • PBXact Software and Appliances comes pre-bundled with the following modules: Call Recording Reports, Class of Service, Conference Pro, Extension Routing, Fax Pro, Park Pro, Page Pro, SysAdmin Pro, Voicemail Notify, Voicemail Reports, XMPP Pro, EndPoint Manager/Phone Apps for Sangoma Phones, Zulu UC, CRM Link Module
  • Optional Add-on Modules: EndPoint Manager for 3rd Party Phones, High Availability, Sangoma Property Manager, XactView Operator Panel, XactView Operator Panel Queue, Call Center Package
  • The annual support/maintenance options Bronze, Gold, Platinum are cost effective and give you the ability to update your system. The Gold and Platinum plans give you an allowance of tech support time through Sangoma as well.


  • PBXact is not updated as frequently as FreePBX to maintain stability. If you do not maintain the support plan annually, you will have to play catch up support if you renew at a later date.
  • Optional Add-on Modules cost more initially than the FreePBX Commercial Module equivalent

Sangoma FreePBX Appliances and Software


  • FreePBX Software and Appliances come at a cheaper price point and give you the freedom to pick and choose which commercial modules you would like to install. If you are installing only the FreePBX software on your own equipment, the software itself does not have a cost.
  • The FreePBX base software is open source, updated frequently, and free of charge.


  • Does not come with commercial modules. Additionally, commercial modules must be renewed (at a reduced price) annually to continue receiving the software updates. Support options are offered at a higher price.

TheTelecomSpot.com carries the full product line of Sangoma. Resellers can qualify for Bronze and Silver Partner Pricing plans. Call us today at 1-866-369-3394 or email [email protected] for more info!

Get a Starbucks Giftcard from Yealink for your Opinion. Plus 2-Week Trial on CP920/CP960!

During the month of June, Yealink is giving away Starbucks gift-cards for you to participate in 1 of 3 short online surveys (while quantity last)! Please see Yealink promo page for terms & conditions.

Yealink free coffee promo

Plus, get a 2-week trial of Yealink’s new CP920/CP960 conference phones from The Telecom Spot!* Call us today at 1-866-369-3394 or email [email protected] for more info!

Yealink CP920 covers small-to-med-sized meetings, while the CP960 (expandable) targets mid-to-large-sized meetings. Featuring 20-foot 360-degree dead-zone-free voice pickup, the coverage area of the CP920 and CP960 adapts to multiple room environments and provides a full sound experience. Please see Yealink CP920 / CP960 Flyer or contact us today for more product information!

Yealink CP920 Conference PhoneYealink CP920

  • 248×120, 3.1″ backlit graphical display
  • Optimal HD audio
  • Yealink Noise Proof Technology
  • 20-ft, 360-degree voice pickup
  • Sensitive touch keypad
  • 5-way conference call
  • Hybrid UC meeting
  • Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Local USB call recording
  • Linux based
  • Add CPN10 for PSTN connectivity

Yealink CP960 Conference Phone w/Expansion MicYealink CP960 (w/Optional Wireless Mic)

  • 720×1280 5″ color touchscreen display
  • Optimal HD audio
  • Yealink Noise Proof Technology
  • 20ft, 360-degree voice pick-up
  • Expandable with wired/wireless mic
  • 5-way conference call, Hybrid UC meeting
  • Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Connect to PC via USB Micro-B port
  • Yealink Pentagon Meeting Room
  • Android 5.1.1 operating system

*Yealnk trial offer: Purchase a Yealink CP920/CP960/CP960-WM to demo for 2 weeks. Keep the conference phones if you like them. Or let us know within 2 weeks if you wish to return the unit for full refund minus shipping/handling (must return in good condition with all retail packaging).

Digium Switchvox E-Series (E510/E520/E530/E540) – What’s New?

Switchvox E-Series

Digium has announced the release of their highly anticipated E-Series Switchvox appliances.  The new E-Series Switchvox appliances are built with less complexity and offer a better value at an even lower price point.  Along with the E-Series comes changes to make licensing easier!

The Switchvox E-Series is comprised of the E510, the E520, the E530 and the E540.

Switchvox E-series Comparison

Switchvox E-Series Key Features:

  • More power, lower price points!
  • From 150 Users and 50 Concurrent Calls (E510) to 500 Users and 200 Concurrent Calls (E530/E540)
  • Dell EMC-based Appliances (E520/E530/E540) including Next Business Day Parts and On-Site Service if required
  • iDRAC8 Enterprise with Lifecycle Controller (E530/E540)
  • Switchvox SMB Software is not included and can be added with purchase or transfer
  • Switchvox E-series are all SIP and utilize external gateways for Analog/T1/PRI connectivity

Switchvox Subscription changes starting August 1st, 2017:

  • Platinum and Titanium are the only support levels offered for new systems.
  • The Silver support level is End Of Life (EOL). Systems with Silver-level subscriptions can move to Gold or Titanium by purchasing the appropriate renewal to extend the service date and to backfill.
  • Gold is now a legacy support level. While customers with Gold-level subscriptions can renew at the Gold level, new systems can not be activated as Gold.
  • Gold is the only support level that requires maintenance. Titanium and Platinum do not require maintenance when activating renewals.
  • The +Virtual support level is EOL. All +Virtual customers will be automatically converted to Platinum or Titanium customers.
  • Any existing activation code that was purchased before August 1, 2017, is still valid and can be activated.
  • The Switchvox Subscription Amnesty Program will be available from August 1 through September 30, 2017. This program allows customers who are out of support to bring their lapsed subscriptions up-to-date without paying the usual backfill and reinstatement fees.

Please contact us at 866-369-3394 if you have any questions or need any help configuring your next Switchvox system. Government, Education, Non-Profits can qualify for additional rebates.  Additionally, if you are upgrading from a Avaya, Nortel, or Toshiba let us know!

NEC SL2100: What’s New? What’s the Difference?

NEC has released the NEC SL2100 Series and all of us at The Telecom Spot are very excited.  It is designed as a turn key small business platform and eventual successor to the NEC SL1100 (which replaced the NEC DSX).

NEC SL2100 Series

NEC SL2100 Series

First and foremost, the NEC SL2100 features a built-in 4-port/2-hour InMail voicemail system, as well as (8) channels of built-in VoIP and (4) built-in Mobile Extension clients.

Additionally, the NEC SL2100 is chassis based for easier hardware installation.   There are now (4) slide-in card slots for trunk and station card slots, as well as a slide-in card slot for the CPU card!

NEC SL2100 Chassis

NEC SL2100 CPU Card

NEC SL2100 Digital/Analog Card

The new SL2100 is wall-mountable, but it can also be installed in a standard equipment rack, using a specially designed rack shelf, available from NEC.

At initial release, the NEC SL2100 can be configured with two expansion chassis, allowing for a maximum of (128) trunks, including combinations of up to (36) CO trunks, (3) PRI circuits, and (112) SIP trunks; and a maximum of (128) stations, including combinations of up to (72) digital stations, (96) analog stations, and (64) SIP trunks. In the near future, the system will accept a 3rd expansion chassis.

The NEC SL2100 can provide up to (128) VoIP channels, allowing for much larger IP configurations.

The InMail can be increased from the (4) built-in ports to (16) ports and the InMail storage can be increased from the built-in (2) hours to (15) or (120) hours.

The NEC SL2100 12 and 24-button digital telephones incorporate a new cosmetic design and are accompanied by a new “self-labeling” IP telephone (see image, left), that features a dual purpose display and (8) physical keys whose functions change when the user scrolls through (4) pages (or screens), providing (32) programmable line/feature keys in total. And the IP telephone supports a gigabit connection, making it compatible with more customer LAN’s!

NEC SL2100 12-Button Digital Telephone – TheTelecomSpot.com

NEC SL2100 24-Button Digital Telephone – TheTelecomSpot.com

NEC SL2100 Self-Labeling IP Telephone – TheTelecomSpot.com

Other SL2100 highlights include:

• InUC Client – Unified Communications built into the CPU (so an external server is not required!)
• Multiple Mobility applications
• A single chassis (KSU) type, which is used for the main unit as well as for the expansion units.
• The PRI interface is now a daughter board, which saves a card slot.
• The ACD feature now provides (8) ACD groups, each with up to (128) agents.
• The ACD feature also allows agents to log into more than one group
• The SLNet feature allows networking of up to (50) SL2100 sites.
• The SLNet feature also allows networking with existing SL1100 sites.
• The Remote Conference License allows callers direct access to an audio conference.
• (6) Doorboxes and (3) external paging zones can be connected to a single chassis.
• 5-Year Hardware warranty on SL2100 items.

NEC SL2100 Series

NEC SL2100 Kits and parts are available today!  Visit us at TheTelecomSpot.com or contact us 866-369-3394 and one of our reps will be more than happy to help!