How to Upgrade Firmware on Snom M325 from Older Version (3.23)

For those folks that have Snom M325‘s with older firmware (3.23), these steps might help!

To upgrade a Snom M325 from firmware 3.23 to a higher release:

1. You will need to use the TFTP method to upgrade to 324B12

TFTP Upgrade to 324B21 from 323

Binary Files

Upgrade via PHP Script

2. After you have upgraded to 324, use the PHP script to upgrade to version 400:

Upgrading to version 400BXX from version 324BXX or earlier:


    1. Direct upgrading from version 324BXX to 400BXX is not possible, you have to update first to the version 355B25 and then to the version 400 to facilitate customers in this task we prepared an auto-update script at this address: , please follow the reported instructions.
    2. Rollback to version 355BXX or 380BXX is possible from version 400BXX

Upgrading to version 355BXX from version 324BXX or earlier:


    1. After upgrading to the version 355BXX you WILL NOT ABLE TO DOWNGRADE TO THE VERSION 324BXX. Please take this upgrade carefully
    2. The upgrade will remove all the manually uploaded contacts from the global address-book. Please make sure to re-upload the address-book after the update.
    3. In case you are doing the update from a 323 version you need to update to the version 324B12 before applying the version 355

Upgrade to latest Release Candidate

3. Once you have upgraded to version 400 using the PHP Script, you can upgrade to the latest release candidate 410B14

The Telecom Spot carries the full Snom product line.

What is the difference between Jabra UC vs Jabra MS versions?

You’ve probably had this question when looking at Jabra conference phones or Jabra headsets and wondered, “what is the difference between Jabra UC optimized and Jabra MS optimized versions?”

We asked Jabra and this is their explanation:

” The Jabra UC optimized and Jabra MS optimized versions are identical with the exception that the MS version will automatically set itself as the default device in Skype for Business and Lync applications.”

There you have it folks, both the Jabra UC optimized and Jabra MS optimized versions will work for either application just fine. If you are using Microsoft Skype for Business / Lync, the UC device will work fine, but the MS optimized device will be auto recognized and vice-versa, the MS device will work just fine in UC environments.

Jabra Evolve and Jabra Speak series are some of the best audio devices for UC. If you have any questions or would like recommendations for your specific use-case scenario, please email one of our helpful rep via [email protected] or call 866-369-3394. We will be happy to assist!

Best Huddle Room Solutions Guide

One of the biggest trends in technology is the “huddle room” space where small teams can collaborate through video and audio conferencing in small or open space floor plans. It is projected that huddle rooms are to replace close to 70% of all meeting spaces by 2022.

What is a huddle room?

A huddle room is generally defined as a small private meeting space for teams of 3-6 people designed for collaboration and usually equipped with teleconferencing equipment. Huddle rooms allow for teams to gather spontaneously or quickly schedule meetings without the hassles of reserving larger spaces.

What are the benefits of a huddle room?

  1. Huddle rooms save money. They are much less expensive to equip versus larger conference rooms. Additionally, there are portable options that allow you to take your huddle room just about anywhere.
  2. Huddle rooms usually do not require reservations – if it is available, teams can use it! This allows larger conference rooms to be saved for larger meetings.
  3. Huddle rooms tend to limit the number of attendees so individuals can concentrate on the task efficiently
  4. Huddle rooms are ideal for remote workers to connecting face-to-face for any meetings around the globe with ease

Our current list of favorite huddle room video and audio conferencing equipment solutions include:

Huddly Go and Huddly IQ Cameras

Huddly Go and Huddly IQ are among our top favorites for huddle space video collaboration cameras. Both cameras are small and travel friendly, but include a 150 degree wide angle camera to capture your entire team. The Huddly IQ adds AI features for detecting people, framing and a beam-forming microphone array.

When we tested this device, we were amazed at how wide of an area the 150 degree camera captured. Imagine from a 180 degree flat wall, and being able to see 150 degrees wide!


  • Small form factor allows Huddly cameras to be travel friendly
  • Wide-angle image is de-warped and perspective corrected in real time, rendering a natural, true-to-life 150 degree view
  • The Huddly camera is designed to get even better over time with quality improvements and software enhancements
  • USB-powered and compatible with any platform


  • Does not include audio speakers

Our favorite audio conferencing speakerphones to pair with the Huddly cameras include: Jabra Speak 510, Jabra Speak 710, Jabra Speak 810, Yamaha YVC-200, Yamaha YVC-300, Yamaha YVC-1000, and Yamaha FLXUC500.

Yamaha CS-700AV and CS-700SP All-in-One Huddle System

Yamaha is synonymous with quality sound and the Yamaha CS-700AV and Yamaha CS-700SP do not disappoint. The Yamaha CS-700 Series are all-in-one video conferencing systems that include a beam-forming microphone array, 4 speaker element, and a ultra-wide angle 120 degree camera. The Yamaha CS-700SP adds an integrated SIP interface for call manager integration

When testing this device, we walked about 15 feet away and the microphone still picked up our voice like we were in the same room!


  • CS-700 Series are all-in-one video conferencing systems
  • Include a beam-forming microphone array
  • Best in class 4 speaker element
  • Ultra-wide angle HD camera with 120 degree field of view
  • Works with your chosen UC application
  • USB audio and video support
  • Connect calls with Bluetooth & NFC (SIP on the CS-700SP Model only)
  • Includes wall mount kit


  • Not travel friendly as this solution is usually mounted on the wall or on a desktop

Poly (Polycom) Studio Video USB Soundbar

When you think of conference rooms, Polycom is probably one of the first names to come up. Polycom started in the conferencing space with their iconic triangle conference phone that many have imitated. Polycom brings their long time expertise to their huddle room solution, the all-in-one Polycom Studio video USB soundbar.


  • Polycom Studio includes a 4K UHD 120 degree FOV camera that adds crisp lifelike video to your meetings
  • Speaker tracking automatically finds and zooms in on the active speaker so that everyone knows who is talking
  • Automatic group framing focuses on participants and will adjust the view automatically as team member enter and leave the conference
  • Business-class video features via USB
  • Stereo speakers: 100Hz–20KHz frequency response
  • Polycom Studio includes features like Polycom Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock — automatically mutes and removes distracting background noises and other unwanted sounds
  • Works with most collaboration platforms—including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Cisco Webex and more


  • Not travel friendly as this solution is usually mounted on the wall or on a desktop

Logitech Meetup Conference Camera System

The Logitech Meetup is an all-in-one huddle conference solution with a wide field of view camera and integrated audio all from a name you trust.


  • 4K UHD 120 degree camera with an extra wide field of view and motorized lens
  • RightSight automatically moves the camera and adjusts the zoom so no one gets left out of the picture
  • RightSound optimizes the human voice and enhances conversational clarity
  • RightSense proactive technologies make better video meetings easy and automatic
  • 3-microphone sound capture
  • Motorized pan/tilt
  • Built-in Speakerphone allows for Bluetooth audio connectivity; Anti-vibration enclosure improves voice clarity while limiting sound transmission to adjacent spaces
  • Optional expansion microphones
  • Plug-and-play USB connectivity


  • Not travel friendly as this solution is typically mounted on the wall or on a desktop.

We may update this list as more new and innovative video conferencing solutions for huddle rooms come out. If you have any questions or would like recommendations for your specific use-case scenario, please email one of our helpful rep via [email protected] or call 866-369-3394. We will be happy to assist!

What is the Difference between Sangoma PBXact and FreePBX Phone Systems?

Sangoma FreePBX vs PBXact IP PBX Appliances

The difference between Sangoma’s PBXact and FreePBX systems has been a common question ever since the introduction of Sangoma’s turnkey PBX Appliance lines.

The quick and short answer is that PBXact is Sangoma’s commercially supported version of the popular open source FreePBX distribution. PBXact is designed to be a turnkey solution: pre-bundled with popular modules, vigorously tested, and offered with cost effective maintenance plans.

Sangoma PBXact Appliances and Software


  • PBXact Software and Appliances comes pre-bundled with the following modules: Call Recording Reports, Class of Service, Conference Pro, Extension Routing, Fax Pro, Park Pro, Page Pro, SysAdmin Pro, Voicemail Notify, Voicemail Reports, XMPP Pro, EndPoint Manager/Phone Apps for Sangoma Phones, Zulu UC, CRM Link Module
  • Optional Add-on Modules: EndPoint Manager for 3rd Party Phones, High Availability, Sangoma Property Manager, XactView Operator Panel, XactView Operator Panel Queue, Call Center Package
  • The annual support/maintenance options Bronze, Gold, Platinum are cost effective and give you the ability to update your system. The Gold and Platinum plans give you an allowance of tech support time through Sangoma as well.


  • PBXact is not updated as frequently as FreePBX to maintain stability. If you do not maintain the support plan annually, you will have to play catch up support if you renew at a later date.
  • Optional Add-on Modules cost more initially than the FreePBX Commercial Module equivalent

Sangoma FreePBX Appliances and Software


  • FreePBX Software and Appliances come at a cheaper price point and give you the freedom to pick and choose which commercial modules you would like to install. If you are installing only the FreePBX software on your own equipment, the software itself does not have a cost.
  • The FreePBX base software is open source, updated frequently, and free of charge.


  • Does not come with commercial modules. Additionally, commercial modules must be renewed (at a reduced price) annually to continue receiving the software updates. Support options are offered at a higher price. carries the full product line of Sangoma. Resellers can qualify for Bronze and Silver Partner Pricing plans. Call us today at 1-866-369-3394 or email [email protected] for more info!