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3CX – Software PBX for Windows


Let 3CX IP phone system solve your PBX headaches. 

3CX is a Windows based virtual PBX that can completely replace your traditional hardware PBX.  It supports standard SIP phones, VoIP services and PSTN phone lines; and replacing your current system with 3CX may save you money as it not only cost less than hardware PBX but can also reduce your overall calling costs via VoIP services.  It is easy to manage and configure via web administration and it does not require phone wiring networks which allows users to easily telecommute.

How 3CX Works:

3CX phone system is an open system that can grow with your business needs.  A complete system for Windows – it is made up by server software, soft or IP phones and a VoIP gateway to connect existing phone lines (or you can also use analog phones by utilizing FXS gateways).  Phone bills can be reduced by working with a VoIP service provider.  Use either existing computer wiring and non-dedicated Windows server or run as virtual machine.  It’s also easy to add extensions or lines by adding standard SIP telephony equipment via 3CX phone system’s easy web-based admin configuration. 

How 3CX Works

Main Features include:

  • All-in-one phone system including call switching, routing & queuing
  • Lower purchase cost than a traditional hardware PBX
  • Scalable – Unlimited numbers of extensions and phone lines without need of proprietary expansion modules
  • Simple phone system management via 3CX’ web-based configuration module
  • Unified Communications – Receive voice mail via e-mail & see user presence
  • Auto Attendant available
  • Reduce long distance and inter office call costs by using VoIP service
  • Uses standard SIP phones which eliminate need of expensive proprietary system phones
  • Freedom of choice: tested interoperability with leading SIP hardware & VoIP providers
  • Lack of phone wiring makes moving offices easier
  • Simple call control, presence and extension management
  • Click to Dial & Call Pop-up for Microsoft Outlook
  • Can receive and make calls via standard PSTN using VoIP Gateways or cards
  • Reduce monthly call expenses using SIP trunks, VoIP providers or Skype Connect!
  • Out of the box configuration for many VoIP providers, VoIP Gateways, Skype™ and IP Phones.

The 3CX Phone System is licensed based on the number of simultaneous calls (internal & external) that your company makes. All editions support an unlimited number of extensions. The Telecom Spot is a 3CX partner and you can purchase new licenses, support and upgrade insurance right here on our site or via phone.  For your convenience, we’ve included quick comparison charts below for quick reference and easy shopping. Have questions or would like help putting a package together?  Just leave a comment or contact one of our helpful consultants.

Jump to quick comparison charts:

3CX Phone System (Windows)

Part Number Product Edition Sim Calls MSRP
3CXPSMINI Mini Edition 4 495
3CXPSSB Small Business Edition 8 795
3CXPSPRO Professional Edition 16SC 16 1295
3CXPSENT Enterprise Edition 32SC 32 1995
3CXPSENT64 Enterprise Edition 64SC 64 3950
3CXPSENT128 Enterprise Edition 128SC 128 6995
3CXPSENT256 Enterprise Edition 256SC 256 11950
3CXPSENT512 Enterprise Edition 512SC 512 21995
3CXPSENT1024 Enterprise Edition 1024SC 1024 39595


3CX Phone System (with Call Center Module)

Part Number Product Edition Sim Calls MSRP
3CXCCMINI Mini Edition + Call Center Module 4 795
3CXCCSB Small Business Edition + Call Center Module 8 1195
3CXCCPRO Professional Edition 16SC + Call Center Module 16 1950
3CXCCENT Enterprise Edition 32SC + Call Center Module 32 2950
3CXCCENT64 Enterprise Edition 64SC + Call Center Module 64 5750
3CXCCENT128 Enterprise Edition 128SC + Call Center Module 128 10195
3CXCCENT256 Enterprise Edition 256SC + Call Center Module 256 17350
3CXCCENT512 Enterprise Edition 512SC + Call Center Module 512 31895
3CXCCENT1024 Enterprise Edition 1024SC + Call Center Module 1024 52950


3CX CRM Integration Module

Part Number Product Edition MSRP
CRMSFC 3CX CRM Integration Module for Salesforce – Per User 50
CRMDYN 3CX CRM Integration Module for Microsoft Dynamics – Per User 50
CRMSUG 3CX CRM Integration Module for SugarCRM – Per User 50
CRMACT 3CX CRM Integration Module for Sage Act! – Per User 50
CRMGGL 3CX CRM Integration Module for Google Contacts – Per User 50


Hotel Module

Include specific functions such as Check-IN, Check-Out & Wake up calls. Offered with or without Hotel Software (PMS) integration.

Part Number Product Edition MSRP
3CXH Hotel Module without PMS Integration 895
3CXHPMS Hotel Module with PMS Integration 3350


3CX Voice Application Designer (VAD)

3CX VAD is a visual designer to build voice applications for 3CX Phone System

Part Number Product Edition MSRP
3CXVAD 3CX Voice Application Designer 995


Upgrade Insurance

Part Number Upgrade Insurance – 1 Year MSRP
3CXPSMINIUI Mini Edition 150
3CXPSSBUI Small Business Edition 195
3CXPSPROUI Professional Edition 16SC 295
3CXPSENTUI Enterprise Edition 32SC 495
3CXPSENT64UI Enterprise Edition 64SC 995
3CXPSENT128UI Enterprise Edition 128SC 1695
3CXPSENT256UI Enterprise Edition 256SC 2995
3CXPSENT512UI Enterprise Edition 512SC 5195
3CXCCMINIUI Mini Edition + Call Center Module 195
3CXCCSBUI Small Business Edition + Call Center Module 295
3CXCCPROUI Professional Edition 16SC + Call Center Module 485
3CXCCENTUI Enterprise Edition 32SC + Call Center Module 735
3CXCCENT64UI Enterprise Edition 64SC + Call Center Module 1435
3CXCCENT128UI Enterprise Edition 128SC + Call Center Module 2545
3CXCCENT256UI Enterprise Edition 256SC + Call Center Module 4335
3CXCCENT512UI Enterprise Edition 512SC + Call Center Module 7995
CRMSFCUI CRM Integration Module for Salesforce Upgrade Insurance 25
CRMDYNUI CRM Integration Module for Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade Insurance 25
CRMSUGUI CRM Integration Module for SugarCRM Upgrade Insurance 25
CRMACTUI CRM Integration Module for Sage ACT! Upgrade Insurance 25
3CXHUI Hotel Module without PMS Integration 275
3CXHPMSUI Hotel Module with PMS Integration 995
3CXVADUI 3CX Voice Application Designer 395


Product Support

Part Number Product Support from 3CX – 1 Year MSRP
3CXPSMINIES Mini Edition 210
3CXPSSBES Small Business Edition 210
3CXPSPROES Professional Edition 16SC 350
3CXPSENTES Enterprise Edition 32SC 553
3CXPSENT64ES Enterprise Edition 64SC 553
3CXPSENT128ES Enterprise Edition 128SC 833
3CXPSENT256ES Enterprise Edition 256SC 1395
3CXPSENT512ES Enterprise Edition 512SC 2495
3CXPSENT1024ES Enterprise Edition 1024SC 4450
3CXVADES 3CX Voice Application Designer 195
3CXHES 3CXH Hotel Module Support (basic functions only) 155
3CXHPMSES 3CXHPMS Product Support (advanced functions and PMS integration) 1295



Edition Upgrades

Part number Description MSRP
3CXPSMINITOSB Mini upgrade to Small Business Edition 628
3CXPSSBTOPRO SB upgrade to Professional 16SC Edition 858
3CXPSSBTOENT SB upgrade to Enterprise 32SC Edition 1,558
3CXPSPROTOENT PRO upgrade to Enterprise 32SC Edition 1,348
3CXPSPRO24TOENT PRO24 upgrade to Enterprise 32SC Edition 1,098
3CXPSPRO24TOENT64 PRO24 upgrade to Enterprise 64SC Edition 3,053
3CXPSENTTOENT64 ENT upgrade from 32SC to 64SC 2,953
3CXPSENTTOENT128 ENT upgrade from 32SC to 128SC 5,998
3CXPSENTTOENT256 ENT upgrade from 32SC to 256SC 10,953
3CXPSENT64TOENT128 ENT upgrade from 64SC to 128SC 5,020
3CXPSENT64TOENT256 ENT upgrade from 64SC to 256SC 9,975
3CXPSENT128TOENT256 ENT upgrade from 128SC to 256SC 8,453


Call Center Module Edition Upgrades

Part number Description MSRP
3CXPSMINITOCC Mini Edition Upgrade to Edition with Call Center Module 350
3CXPSSBTOCC Small Business Edition Upgrade to Edition with Call Center Module 495
3CXPSPROTOCC Professional Edition 16SC Upgrade to Edition with Call Center Module 695
3CXPSENTTOCC Enterprise Edition Upgrade to Edition with Call Center Module 995
3CXPSENT64TOCC Enterprise Edition 64SC Upgrade to Edition with Call Center Module 1,995
3CXPSENT128TOCC Enterprise Edition 128SC Upgrade to Edition with Call Center Module 3,495
3CXPSENT256TOCC Enterprise Edition 256SC Upgrade to Edition with Call Center Module 5,495
3CXPSENT512TOCC Enterprise Edition 512SC Upgrade to Edition with Call Center Module 9,995

Version Upgrades

Version upgrades (from the old to the new version), for customers who have not purchased or renewed Upgrade Insurance in time and brings them back onto an Upgrade Insurance track for a year.

Part number Description MSRP
3CXPSMINIVU Mini upgrade Version 7-10 to 11 (incl. 1 year upgrade insurance) 396
3CXPSSBVU SB upgrade Version 3-10 to 11 (incl. 1 year upgrade insurance) 636
3CXPSPROVU PRO16SC upgrade Version 3-10 to 11 (incl. 1 year upgrade insurance) 1,036
3CXPSPRO24VU PRO24SC upgrade Version 7-10 to 11 (incl. 1 year upgrade insurance) 1,436
3CXPSENTVU ENT32SC  upgrade Version 3-10 to 11 (incl. 1 year upgrade insurance) 1,596
3CXPSENT64VU ENT64SC  upgrade Version 5-10 to 11 (incl. 1 year upgrade insurance) 3,160
3CXPSENT128VU ENT128SC  upgrade Version 5-10 to 11 (incl. 1 year upgrade insurance) 5,596
3CXPSENT256VU ENT256SC  upgrade Version 7-10 to 11 (incl. 1 year upgrade insurance) 9,560
3CXPSENT512VU ENT512SC  upgrade Version 7-9 to 10 (incl. 1 year upgrade insurance) 17,596


Hotel Module Version Upgrades

Part number Description MSRP
3CXHVU Version Upgrade Hotel Module Basic (incl. 1 year Upgrade Insurance) 695
3CXHPMSVU Version Upgrade Hotel Module with PMS Integration (incl. 1 year Upgrade Insurance) 1,250


Conference Rooms Overbooked Again? Get Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam

Conference Rooms Overbooked Again? Introducing Logitech BCC950 Conference Cam – The Amazingly Simple and Affordable Small Group Video Conferencing Solution.


I don’t know about you, but in the past I’ve often had the unfortunate experience of fighting over limited conference rooms with others in the company. With this economy, video and teleconferencing is that value-added service which set you and competitors apart, yet we rather not waste valuable financial resources on extra meeting rooms that cannot be multipurposed. So when Logitech introduced their new BCC950 Conference Cam, I knew this will be a great solution to end those frustrations. So, what is so great about Logitech’s new conference cam? Simply put, it’s a simple little gadget that will turn your personal/work space into the new conference room.

Let’s take a look at their specs:

All-in-One Design: The Logitech BCC950 Conference Cam combines HD 1090p 30fps video with HQ full-duplex speakerphone clarity for professional video conferencing.

BCC950 Design

Perfect for Small Groups:  Still competing for those overbooked conference room systems or huddling around one single computer just to have a video meeting? With Logitech BCC950, now groups can collaborate over video from conference rooms, office and collaboration spaces easier than ever.

BCC950 Small Groups

Easy Computer Connection:  UVC H.264 onboard technology helps to ensure quick plug-and-play functionality on both PCs and MACs.  No software installation necessary.

Utilizes Desktop Video Applications:  Works on virtually any desktop video conferencing and UC application (including Adobe Connect, Avaya, Cisco WebEx and other Cisco Video Conferencing applications, Citrix Go-to Meetings, LifeSize Connections, FaceTime, Google Hangouts & Video Chat, Microsoft Lync & Office365, Vidyo, Skype and more).  No expensive and proprietary systems to set up.

Remote Control Your Meetings: Quickly and easily control your meetings with the remote to answer/end calls, set volume up/down, pan, tilt, zoom and mute.

BCC950 Remote

Everyone Can Be Seen:  A 78-degree field of view and 180-degree remote-controlled video pan, tilt and zoom ensures each member on the small group is seen.

Crystal-Clear Sound:  The built-in, full duplex speakerphone and noise-cancelling microphone allow all meeting members to hear and be heard clearly up to 8 feet away from the base.

Carl Zeiss® Optics with Autofocus:  Enjoy razor-sharp images from a glass lens designed with the help of an industry leader.  It allows detailed documents, whiteboards, or visuals to be shared close up during your calls.

Show Your Best Angle:  The camera heigh extender and 8-foot USB cable allow users to adjust camera height and distance for the most flattering video angles so you can make the best impression during meetings.

Life-Like Conversations:  Omni-directional sound and echo cancellation audio makes it seem like conversations are happening in the same room.

Professional-Grade Certifications:  BCC950 Conference Cam is optimized for Microsoft Lync and Skype.

BCC950 Compatibility

And did we mention it’s very affordable?  Take a look at the full details here and see if this will end all the conferencing headaches for your workplace.  Have questions?  Please contact one of our helpful consultants or leave a comment.  As always, we love to hear from you!

Additional Information via Video:

IP Telephony Terminologies

We’ve created a glossary of frequently used IP telephony terms below for your quick reference. Please let us know if you feel anything is missing and we can add it for you. Thank you!


“Automatic Call Distributor” often used by call centers.  A phone system that manages and routes inbound calls to a specific group of people at first availability based on caller’s preference/selections (such as calling Sales or CSR instead of a specific person).

The “Average Length of Call”

An “Automatic Number Announcement Circuit” – used by technicians to determine the assigned phone number to a particular line.

Analog Phones
A telephone that transmits voice or video data as electronic pulses over POTS (aka “Plain Old Telephone Service” ) enabling richer quality but less clarity and functions. Supports standard phone, fax, and modems.  Note:  Do NOT connect your analog phones directly with digital phone system – get a digital-to-analog adapter first or you risk frying the phone systems.

A free and open source framework for building communication applications by digium, it’s basically a software implementation of a PBX. It turns an ordinary computer into a communications server and powers IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers and more.

“Analog Telephone Adapters” – a hardware interface device between a PSTN analog phone system and a digital or VoIP network service.  With an ATA, you can use your old PSTN phone system with VoIP service.


Basic Rate Interface


Formally known as “” – CallWeaver is a community-driven vendor-independent cross-platform open source PBX software project originally derived from Linux-based Asterisk.  Supports major PSTN technologies.

XML based computer telephony language that allows a company to describe a phone-to-website application based on how the call should be handled and/or interact with caller based on their responses.

“Call Control XML” – XML based computer telephony language that controls the call session (placement, answer, transfer, conference etc).

Similar to a PBX but provides switching from service provider site instead of customer premise and can support multiple locations.

Technology enables the compression and decompression of audio/data.

“Call Processing Language” used to describe and control IP telephony services.


Digital Phones
A telephone that converts voice/video data into binary format (0’s and 1’s) and transmit over digital phone systems.  You’ll get higher clarity and able to include more features/functions, but a less rich quality compared with analog.



An open-source telephony platform designed to facilitate the creation of voice and chat driven products.

“Foreign eXchange Office” interface – the phone port that receives an analog line.

FXO Adapters
Adapters to connect VoIP system to analog phone line.

“Foreign eXchange Subscriber” interface – the phone port that delivers the analog line to the subscriber.

FXS Adapters
Adapters to connect analog phone/fax machine to VoIP.


G.711 Codec (a-law & μ-Law)
ITU-T standard for audio companding (compression and expansion) and provide best voice quality for VoIP as it’s the same codec used by PSTN and ISDN.  U-Law is used in North America and Japan while A-Law is used in the rest of the world.

Speed codec for wideband (HD) audio that delivers voice calls via VoIP with superior quality than a regular landline or cell phone call.

Audio data compression codec used with VoIP applications with conservative bandwidth while offering toll-quality speech.  Also known as CS-ACELP or Conjugate Structure Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction. G.729 allows moderate transmission delays (10-ms frames) to provide quality of service, interoperability and increased bandwidth to its users.


Commonly used with VoIP telephony and video conferencing, H.323 is an ITU standard protocol to provide specifications regarding audio-visual communications over IP network.


IP Phones (or VoIP Phone)
A digital telephone specifically designed to utilize VoIP network to transmit voice data communication via web.  Instead of a conventional phone jack, IP Phones  have Ethernet ports to connect with the internet (typically via a VoIP Server, VoIP Gateway, or another VoIP Phone).

IP Softphone
Software application that allows the computer to function as a VoIP phone with use of headset connected directly with the computer instead of physical phone equipment.

“Integrated Service Digital Network” – a type of circuit switched phone network system that allows digital voice/data transmission via conventional copper phone wires  Richer voice quality and better speed than analog systems.

An Internet Telephony Service Provider.

Interactive Voice Response – technology that allows automated response and interaction with callers through use of voice and keypad inputs.


Unwanted and sudden disturbance to the signal which can cause noticeable sound distortion.


Key System
A type of phone system traditionally used by company with fewer users.  Key system  telephones will have multiple buttons (keys) that lights up to indicates which line or extension is already in use, so the user can select the idle one (by pushing the unlit button) to call out.


An expression for the time frame it takes for a packet of data to be transmitted.


-N –

Network Switch
A computer networking device that create a network and used to connect various devices together such as computers, printers and servers within a building or campus.



“Private Branch Exchange” – A private switchboard phone-system enabling a company to use multiple phone extensions for one phone line.  Typically used by larger companies with high number of employees.

PBX Cards
PCI interface cards to connect VoIP PBX’s with analog lines, T1/E1 lines, and analog equipments.

“Power over Ethernet” – The technology allowing for electrical power (along with data) to be passed thru the ethernet cable instead of additional a/c supply.  *Specific equipment is needed to work with POE technology.

Primary Rate Interface

The “Public Switched Telephone Network” – also known as “POTS Plain Old Telephone Service”, is the traditional circuit-switched telephony system.


QOS stands for “quality of service” and refers to the various aspects of a telephony connection including service response time, loss, signal-to-noise ratio, cross-talk, echo, interrupt, frequency response, loudness levels, etc.


A device that connects multiple networks and forward data packets between those networks.


The “Session Initiation Protocol” is a text-based signaling protocol commonly used for VoIP and other multimedia communication sessions, offering features such  as call transfer, conference, or hold.

SIP Trunking
A service offered by an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) that allows a business to use VoIP communication to outside the company network, once a PBX has been installed, by utilizing the same internet connection.  Provide great cost savings.




Standard XML format for specifying interactive voice dialogues between a human and a computer, such as used with automated telephone services.

“Voice over Internet protocol” or “Voice over IP”, a communications protocol that allows for voice data (telephonic communication) to be transmitted via the Internet.  Because the call is made over the internet, VoIP will not incur long-distance phone bills.

VoIP Gateway
A network device that converts telephony data between PSTN and IP.

VoIP GSM Gateways
A device that allows direct routing between IP, digital, analog and GSM networks.

“Virtual Private Network” – a secure network allowing users to remote access a central organization network after authentication.