Konftel 55 / 55W Conference Phones adds Microsoft Lync Compatibility – Download Now


Konftel adds Microsoft Lync compatibility to one of their most versatile conferencing devices, the Konftel 55 and Konftel 55W.

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Konftel 55 Series – The hub of your communications Computers, smartphones, tablets and desktop phones – the Konftel 55 series is designed to keep pace with the array of devices used for communicating in the conference room today.

Layer for Lync

The user interface have a new and fresh design. Features that are supported and displayed on the Konftel 55 series display screen:

  • answer/end call
  • call information; name, subject and talk time are displayed
  • your status information (presence)
  • last number redial
  • keypad for calling via Lync – mute – voice mail


2 thoughts on “Konftel 55 / 55W Conference Phones adds Microsoft Lync Compatibility – Download Now

  1. Jamie Law

    I think it is great that Konftel has added Microsoft Lync because it is widely used. Have there been some big changes and developments with the Konftel 55 series overall? Conferences are becoming such a norm that we need developed technology to keep up to date. I really like the look of the enhanced design too.

    1. Annie C

      Thank you Jamie. The Konftel 55 series is developed by Konftel to be easier-to-use and a more compact unit targeting web and teleconferencing. The 55 series has LCD colored screen with smart user interface that only display current connections to minimize confusion. The 55W is also Bluetooth compatible with cellphones/tablets.


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