We have to admit. This confused us at first as well.

Recently, Fanvil started using a new feature terminology “hotspot” in their product descriptions and Fanvil datasheets.

Basically, all this means is that a group of Fanvil phones setup under the “hotspot” feature can share one SIP account and ring in a group. A great feature for hotels and hospitality.

For example: Telephone set A functions as a SIP hotspot and other telephone sets (B and C) function as SIP hotspot clients. When somebody calls telephone set A, telephone sets A, B, and C all ring. When any telephone set answers the call, other telephone sets stop ringing. The call can be answered by only one telephone set. When B or C initiates a call, the SIP number registered by telephone set A is the calling number.

The hotspot feature is available in versions later than V25 on the Fanvil X Series and Fanvil H Series IP telephone sets. Additionally, this feature will work on the new Fanvil XU and XS series of phones.

Here is Fanvil’s official documentation on the hotspot feature works.

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