The Unidata Incom ICW-1000G Wi-Fi phone is a cost effective wireless solution for any site. There are a few tips we suggest before 1st install to have a smooth deployment.

Before you first setup the ICW-1000G, please factory default the phone.  We find that this helps with a smooth installation from the manufacturer loaded firmware. 

To factory default:

  1. Power the phone on
  2. Press the Down arrow to access “Phone Settings”
  3. Scroll down to “Reset to Default” and press Okay
  4. Enter 0000 for the password
  5. Select Yes to “Delete all settings including contacts”
  6. The phone is now reset and ready to be programmed

Additionally, please visit > Support > Download to download the latest firmware and manuals for the Incom.  Many audio improvements are included on the latest firmware versions.

TIP – To access the web interface for programming, please see page 27 of the Users’s Manual

Please see the following for ICW-1000G Manual and Guides:

You will find that the ICW-1000G is an extremely versatile SIP WiFi phone. 

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