Sangoma PBXact 15 is now available with features that make upgrading your system easier, faster, and hassle-free.

Redesigned Backup and Restore Process

PBXact 15 makes system management simpler with a redesigned backup and restore process that handles the backups on a per-module basis. Now administrators can create custom backups, perform a cross-version backup, and restore and enjoy more options for keeping data safe. The new Backup & Restore now allows users to back up from an older version of FreePBX and restore it to the latest version.

Increased System Performance with the transition from AGI to Fast AGI

In previous versions of PBXact, each phone call on the system could spawn several AGI processes, and this could become a bottleneck on systems with a large number of calls. By moving from AGI to FastAGI, this change results in less system overhead for each call made on the system. 

Conversion Wizard

Along with PBXact 15, Sangoma has created a new FreePBX to PBXact Conversion Wizard. With the new wizard, customers can easily convert their existing FreePBX systems to PBXact making upgrading their system a breeze. License is required to convert from FreePBX to PBXact (contact us for more information. See our post on What is the Difference between Sangoma PBXact and FreePBX Phone Systems?

Ready to Get PBXact 15? Here’s how:

In order to upgrade your existing PBXact to version 15, you need to make sure you have an active support contract (Bronze, Gold, Platinum) in place on your deployment.

The steps for this are going to vary based on your current version of PBXact. Assuming you are on the latest version of 14, you can navigate to the admin section of the GUI. Under Admin, you can select “14 to 15 upgrade tool.” This will populate a checklist to ensure your system and modules are ready to upgrade or let you know if any modules need to be upgraded prior to moving to 15. Once you have the checklist ready to go, the system will prompt you with the next steps to follow and upgrade to 15.  

For additional upgrade instructions, please visit the wiki at this link. carries the full product line of SangomaResellers can qualify for Authorized, Silver, Gold Partner Pricing plans. Call us today at 1-866-369-3394 or email for more info!