Want to increase efficiency, productivity and save money for your business? If you have an outdated phone system, it may be much more cost-effective to upgrade to a new system and the government will even help with the cost!

Tax Deduction Info on www.Section179.Org!

Did you know with Section 179 of the IRS tax code, business can get tax deduction off full purchased price of qualifying business and office equipments for the current tax year? (see here for details)  For 2012 tax year, that means the equipment must be purchased and place into service between 1/1/2012 and 12/31/2012.  Both new and used equipments qualify for Section 179 deduction, and there’s also a “bonus depreciation” that covers new equipments. The capital purchase limit is topped off at $560,000 (increased from previous years) and the 2012 deduction limit is $139,000 so it’s a great opportunity for small and med-sized businesses.

Most of the products available on The Telecom Spot would qualify, as the tax deduction is available for business/office  equipments. Take advantage of this goverenment incentive program and get a boost for your business today!  To find out more, click on the Section 179 badge above for relevant information and FAQs.  There’s even a calculator you can use to find out how much you could save!